Jason Heath on blogging, flaming cars, and freelancing

Heath-headshot-from-Door-County-1This interview was so. much. fun.

Jason Heath is a professional bass player, teacher, blogger, podcaster, and tons of other things too.

For about ten years, Jason has been blogging at Doublebassblog.org and also running the Contrabass Conversations podcast in addition to his playing career.

I highly recommend you check out Jason’s work.  (click here to subscribe to his newsletter.  It’s awesome, I promise).

Everyone that subscribes to his newsletter gets his free ebook called How to Make a Living as a Classical Musician.

In this interview we dive into how pursuing seemingly unrelated interests have played a major role in develop his career and so much more.

Jason is a wealth of knowledge and openly shares his stories that I hope everyone will learn from (including how his car caught on fire while traveling to a gig).

After we stopped recording, Jason and I discussed some more of his favorite resources that I wasn’t able to record, but I have shared all of them below.

Jason’s favorite books, blogs, podcasts, and everything else…


The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Audition Success by Don Green

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Platform by Michael Hyatt


Tim Ferriss



This American Life


Word Press (if you use Word Press, I HIGHLY recommend using wpengine to host your site.  It’s the best.)

Mail Chimp – free email list managment

Squarespace – website builder

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