Break Into The Scene — My first book is coming in Fall 2016! (and how you can get involved)

Book coversWhy write a book?

When I first wanted to get started as a freelance musician, I had absolutely no idea what to do first.

I think at some point everyone has shared that experience, and so I decided to write the book that I wish I could’ve read.

It really sucks not knowing how to get freelance work.

You practice, go to school, but when you get out in the world, it feels like nobody cares enough to hire you.

I have felt for a long time that there is an information gap between having a skill set and actually getting paid to use it.

There is a ton of information out there about what’s possible, but frustratingly little information about how to actually do it.

Are there other career books for musicians?

Absolutely, but I want to take a laser-focused approach on some of the hard skills of freelancing with a particular focus on getting started.

I’ve spent the past four years of my life learning a lot, making tons of mistakes, doing a lot of freelance work, building a digital marketing consulting business, and this book will include everything I’ve learned along the way.

My goal is to create a short and actionable guide to help anyone take the first steps of building their career.

What the book is about

Break Into The Scene is essentially broken down into three broad sections.

Section 1:  Mindset

One of the biggest challenges for anyone when they’re trying to break into a scene is developing the right mindset.

I used to be the musician that felt like everything was out of my control and that I had no choice but to wait for opportunities to come to me.

My insecurities held me back for a long time.

It’s so easy to fear rejection and be afraid to do something as simple as approach other freelancers and ask for help when you need it.

After a few painful years of holding myself back, I finally figured out how to get around the mental barriers that were getting in the way of my success.

This section of the book focuses exclusively on how to understand and overcome the mental challenges that get in our way.

Section 2:  Building an authentic network

Everyone has had the experience of feeling like an outsider in the world of music.

Why do the same people get called over and over again while others seem to sit around on the sideline waiting to pick up the scraps?

The truth is that having great relationships with your colleagues is imperative to success in any freelancing scene.

Networking isn’t about passing out business cards; it’s really about making genuine connections with those around you.

The topic of networking doesn’t get discussed very often so it will be part of the main focus in this book.

Everything from introducing yourself to contractors, finding mentors, and researching the movers and shakers in your scene falls into the topic of networking so I made sure to cover it all here.

Section 3:  How to actually get started

The ultimate goal of this book isn’t to just talk about what’s possible, but it’s to show you how to get there.

Making progress in anything requires just getting started and by the time you finish this book you will know exactly how to start identifying opportunities, start building an amazing network, and giving you all the tools you need to take action.

In addition to some of the tactical things that any freelancer needs to know, the book will also cover topics that often don’t  get much coverage such as money management, the pros and cons of working for free, and how geography affects your career.

Help me pick a cover

Here’s your chance to make a very real impact on this book.

I have a few cover designs and I would love to have your help in choosing which one goes with the book.

All you have to do is click below to vote.

I’m super excited about this project and can’t wait to share more about it with you all!


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